October 19, 2013 along Portsmouth, Virginia's riverfront.

"One of the Greatest Gathering of Schooners in the World" featuring participating schooners from the 24th Annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Schooners Begin to Arrive Pre-dawn at Portsmouth, Virginia's waterfront for Schooner Days

Schooner "Pride of Baltimore II arrives at Portsmouth, Virginia's waterfront. Photo by Joe Elder.
 The "Pride of Baltimore II" followed by the "Lynx" and the "Woodwind" were pre-dawn arrivals at Portsmouth, Virginia's waterfront arriving around 5:30 A.M.. Favorable winds on the Chesapeake Bay produced a fast-paced race, but as of this posting, we have not received official race results. Included below are a few pictures taken as these schooners arrived. More to come. See you at Schooner Days!

Schooner "Woodwind" from Annapolis, Maryland arrives with the lights from the City of Norfolk in the background. Photo by Joe Elder.
"Pride of Baltimore II" moored along the Portsmouth, Virginia seawall. Photo by Joe Elder.
The mast of the "Pride of Baltimore II" against an early morning sky. Photo by Joe Elder
Stern shot of the privateer "Lynx" moored at Portsmouth, Virginia's seawall for Schooner Days. Photo by Joe Elder.