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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Privateer Lynx and Pride of Baltimore II Arrive in the Chesapeake Bay

11 October, 2010
Day Five: Mid-coast Maine to Baltimore
1200 Pos. 39° 22.8' N, 076° 03.4' W
79 NM Run since 1200 10 October.
Barometer at 1017Mb and steady
Flat Calm
Anchored at Mouth of Sassafras River off Betterton, Maryland.

'Lynx' position at the time of posting this update.
 A gorgeous and breathless Chesapeake Bay day for Lynx to get some details taken care of before making her second ever arrival to Baltimore tomorrow. And hot – the crew were in shorts for the first time since leaving Chicago six weeks ago! Arriving here in the midnight dark last night, we’ve been swinging lazily with the change of tides ever since. This morning we dragged the carronades out of the bilge and re-rigged them, and tinkered around with rigging work all through the day.

At the moment, we are gearing up to make an arrival into Baltimore tomorrow at roughly noon, in company with Pride of Baltimore II. Together we will salute Ft. McHenry, then carry on past Fells Point – where the original Lynx and Chasseur were built – to the Inner Harbor before securing at our respective docks. Given the amount of time the two vessels have spent together in the last four months, it seems only fitting that we should arrive together in the place we are historically indebted to.

Currently, Pride II is anchored in the Maggothy River, South of Baltimore. We saw her ghosting along off the Jersey Coast yesterday morning, and having waited for the breeze until evening, she sailed up the Delaware Bay last night, then motored past our anchorage just before dawn today. Interesting to see them again underway after over a week and 400nm of parting company.

And tomorrow, we will get to show both the vessels off together once again. But making our rendezvous will mean an early start, so it’s an early night as well.

All best,

Jamie Trost and the nearly to Baltimore Crew of Lynx.

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